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FireLake Designs knows the importance of fine quality. We offer only the best to you and that is why we've invested in only the best in machinery. We have four top of the line printers: one that focuses solely on garments and three that create decals, banners, posters, floor graphics, wall flare and a wide variety of other digital media. Our printers ensure that your customized items will look sharp and vibrant.IMG 7596

Our Brother GT-541 "Print on Demand" Inkjet Garment Printer has the capability of transferring and downloading your images and logos straight from the computer to our printer. This advantage lowers costs, speeds up production and guarantees that your image won't lose resolution in the process. The GT-541 has its own specifically created inks made for cotton or cotton/poly blend fabrics that will withstand the wear of repeated washings. With a printing space of 14" by 16"and the ability to reproduce images in photographic quality, the GT-541 can IMG 7616create a fine quality garment graphic to suit your organization's needs.

If you're looking for a graphic decal, FireLake Designs has that covered with two Roland VersaCAMM 540-V Printers and one Roland VS 540i. The 540-V four color printer has the high resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi (dots per inch). This means that your images will have a photorealistic look in dense, saturated colors. The printer also features cutting technology that keeps the edges of your decal looking as sharp as your design. To make certain that your decal can withstand the elements of water, scratching and UV resistance, the VersaCAMM 540-V vinyl is put through rigorous tests. The VersaCAMM creates professional looks for your professional needs. The Roland VS-540i everything we already love about VersaCAMM inkjets…and more. Some of the added features include a wide gamut for dynamic color imaging, increased density for rich, saturated colors, as well as highly scratch resistant and durable outdoors for up to three years.

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